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his royal highness ottaviano de' medici, grand duke of tuscany

HRH Ottaviano de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

The Medici Grand Ducal House of Tuscany bears its titles as a result of the Papal Bull on 27 August 1569 by Pope Pius V to Cosimo I and to all his firstborn male heirs, or closest male relative of the Medici family in perpetuity, in the event of extinction of the firstborn branch of Cosimo I.

Upon the extinction of the Grand Ducal branch, H.E.H. Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, Grand Princess of Tuscany, decreed the Medici Ottajano line, direct descendants of Lorenzo “The Magnificent”, as successors.

Therein, in 2001, HRH Ottaviano de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, assumed his title per the decree by the Pope Pius V and per the dynastic rules of the family made in 1737 by the Grand Princess of Tuscany Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, which still requires the Grand Duke to live in Florence.

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marquess patrick r bonney

Marquess Patrick R. Bonney

Lord Great Chamberlain of the Treasury of the Royal House of Medici

Patrick has spent half his career abroad in London, Tokyo, New York, and Toronto in investment banking advisory and private equity principal investing with global matrix reporting and P&L responsibilities. As co-founder of several platforms with a combined $2 Billion leveraged value, he occupied roles as Chief Investment Officer and Director of listed and private entities.

He speaks fluent Japanese and has two sons, one of whom is enrolled in fine arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. Patrick is deeply connected to social impact and creative cultural pursuits. He is a Patrician of Florence, Senator of the Grand Ducal House of Medici and Graduated Conventual Military Knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, founded by Cosimo I in 1651, with the position of Curator in the Council of the Twelve.

“What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” - Goethe.
duke louis-francois saumon di nicea di gualtieri

Duke Louis-Francois Saumon

Lord Chamberlain of the Treasury of the Royal House of Medici

A graduate of the Paris Business School (ISG) with a Master in International Affairs, Louis-Francois is a polyglot who speaks five languages including Japanese.

He’s worked in Japan in business and diplomacy and in Europe for a foundation and an impact fund in business development and fund raising.

Duke of Nicea, Duke of Gualtieri and Patrice of Florence, he is Lieutenant of the Supreme Magistrate and Senator of the Grand Ducal House of Medici, Graduated Conventual Military Knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, founded by Cosimo I in 1561, with the position of Chief of Staff in its Council of the Twelve.

He is also a diplomate with the rank of Ambassador in an Intergovernmental Organization (IEMO) and an active member of the Italian Heraldic Council.
dave martin

Dave Martin

International venture capitalist and value-add investor in companies involved in Augmented Reality (AR), Visual Reality (VR), Gaming, Digital Currencies and Metaverse. Has built and exited numerous large scale business enterprises and occupied executive management positions.

He is proudly passionate about supporting leading-edge companies and individuals in the pursuit of their vision.

Michael Stark

Michael Stark is an entrepreneur, investor, & community leader. As the Founder & CEO of Stark Minds LLC, Michael champions creative people, ideas, and organizations with the intention of impacting our shared global future. Through its innovative agency framework Stark Minds acts as a catalyst, drawing in resources for the talented artists, executives and organizations it represents. Stark Minds offers leading edge Web 3.0 services and advisory support, translating the vision of artists & brands into the new commercial & cultural landscape.

Stark grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and had a unique upbringing. Michael’s family was one of the first to adopt a child from China when it opened up the west, and subsequently took in 50+ foster children from all over the world. Through this experience, Michael learned that “everyone has a story to tell and something to contribute".

Michael earned a BBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. & M.B.A. from Loyola University Chicago.
richard entrup

Richard Entrup

Richard Entrup led technology, innovation, and digital transformation programs at Verizon, Christie’s, Disney/ABC, Time Warner, The Museum of Modern Art, Viacom, and Tiffany & Company.

At Christie’s auction house, as Global CIO/CDO, Richard visioned and executed a digital transformation program of art tech firsts including the first blockchain-based auction; an augmented reality virtual hang app; predictive analytics and computer vision apps using AI/ML; and online mobile bidding during a live auction. In 2018, he helped launch the inaugural Christie’s Art & Tech Conference focused on Blockchain and AI art where NFTs were first introduced to the traditional art world.

Richard was most recently a Managing Director at Verizon Business Group, where he led 5G & Edge Innovation. He has served as CIO at several healthcare companies and a major international law firm, aligning technology investments to strategic initiatives.

Richard serves as a Mentor to students in the Executive Masters in Technology Management Program at Columbia University; a Startup Mentor for the leAD Sports Startup Accelerator; is a trusted advisor to the venture capital community; and is a Startup Advisor to early-stage NFT/Metaverse/Web3, Cybersecurity, and Media/Broadcasting AI companies.
nicola barbatelli

Nicola Barbatelli

Nicola Barbatelli is an Italian art historian specializing in Italian Renaissance art. He is a scholar of Leonardo and his school; he is the author of at least fifteen monographs, researcher and reader of the work of the Master of Vinci.

He was a follower of the major expert of Leonardo da Vinci, prof. Carlo Pedretti, and with him, he published a very recent monograph on the subject of the Salvator Mundi. With prof. Pedretti, Nicola Barbatelli has written two essays and edited four monographic exhibitions on Leonardo.

Professor Nicola Barbatelli is currently the scientific director of the Museo Delle Antiche Genti in Lucania, the major center of study on Leonardo in Southern Italy. Among his discoveries is the Lucan Portrait, the enigmatic painting depicting the face of Leonardo.
Mike Arbach

Michael Arbach

Michael is a business oriented software engineer with a proven 17 years track record building high performance solutions for top tier companies using emerging technologies.

Michael was trusted by Northern Trust, the 4th largest custodian bank in the world to lead DLT based digital assets platform development, and by NASA to design and build core blockchain network for the Decentralized Reasoning Fabric DRF, a decentralized data streaming marketplace. He successfully designed multiple technologies to solve highly complex real world problems. Code produced by Michael is currently in production and has processed billions of dollars in transactions and securities exchange volume. Today some of the largest banks and organizations in the U.S. and Japan rely on software built by Michael and his team to power millions of users across various applications.